Dropping Spicy’s former tournament champion, AtomBomb, joins in on ReadyRoom as we discuss the results of our latest trios tournament along with our December 4th poll, Your Season 7 Mains and Holo-Day Poll! We learn a little bit about our guest and what drew him to Apex, then discuss the community selections for their main characters along with a deep dive into defense character plus our advice to Respawn when it comes to matchmaking!


Garret Seay

Hello, Garrett here, but the video gaming community knows me by Geo. My PC story started out with Overwatch and now it’s begun to expand to games like Apex Legends. Join me as we rock the video gaming world! Origins gamertag: BeardedPoggers

Karl Launchbaugh

Whether is was board games or video games, these have been a way to have fun both as a kid and now with his own kids. As a Dropping Spicy Staff member there is an opportunity to see what data drives people and how people move the data too.

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