Geo and SpryFox rewind to the previous poll, Coming in Hot, to discuss a rework idea for Crypto. We move on to the most recent poll, The Real Dheal, where we master Crash Site, discuss the new loot distribution at King’s Canyon, dive in with a mozy into Locked and Loaded, and lastly discuss the most recent update to the game – the damage tracker! Make sure to join us next week where Geo and SpryFox will have an accent showdown!


Garret Seay

Hello, Garrett here, but the video gaming community knows me by Geo. My PC story started out with Overwatch and now it’s begun to expand to games like Apex Legends. Join me as we rock the video gaming world! Origins gamertag: BeardedPoggers

Stuart Young

Playing video games all throughout his life and as the co-host for Ready Room, Stuart thrives on the FPS genre. Strategy, cunning, and puns are his favorite tools to bring to the fight.

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