Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about their experiences playing the Mass Effect Legendary Edition! This week, they tackle the mission to breach a reaper corpse and get the IFF needed to safely enter the Omega-4 Relay.

After recapping the mission, the guys begin by discussing what death even means to a Reaper, since there was still some activity on the dead one they just encountered. They talk about how the Mass Effect engine was keeping it going. Nick posits that indoctrination emanates from Reaper material, dead or alive. Kura and Chip talk about a planetary entry that mentioned that a high power rail gun killed the Reaper 37 million years ago but also hit a planet. Nick says that he thinks the Reaper was left as a trap as the Reapers should have cleaned it up on one of their galactic sweeps.

Then they talk about the horror aesthetic inside the reaper. They talk about the bloody bodies and terror of indoctrination. Chip wonders about the scientists not leaving. Kura asks about the origin of the exploding husks.

Next, they discuss the geth sniper that appears. They talk about the value of getting Legion earlier in your playthrough at the expense of saving the crew later. This leads to a discussion about multiple playthroughs and save editors. They also mention that the ME:LE is now on Gamepass.

Nick compares the screens at the terminals to his Amazon Echo. He also compares the relationship between people and Reapers to bacteria or microbes and people. Husks are like white blood cells. They then talk about the final fight against the ME core, with husks attacking from two sides. They conclude discussing the mission by talking about Shepard jumping to the Normandy.

Next, they discuss how they handled recovering the Geth sniper’s body, and whether they woke it up. They talk about Legion’s speech. They weigh the options of Jacob’s “space it!” plan versus the Illusive Man’s offer to pay cash.

They talk about how EDI will be busy for two missions with the AI core.

They wake up Legion and talk about the difference between Heretic and Good geth. There is a virus that is making the Geth worship the Reapers and Nick speculates that is just their form of indoctrination.

Lastly, they talk about a mission in the Hourglass Nebula to save some Cargo from three heavy mechs.

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