Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue their journey through Mass Effect 2 as part of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week they look at the mission to recruit Grunt, which oddly enough begins the the dossier for a Dr. Okeer. After recapping the mission, they talk about how unexpected it was that the mission would be to get Grunt, using Dr. Okeer as a red herring.

They talk about how they didn’t quite understand the doctor’s goal with creating Grunt (was he cured of the genophage or just immune to it?) and joke about Wrex’s old comment about Krogan scientists. They also talk about the Blue Suns being bad at their job. They discuss the Krogan lab failure that Shepard meets along the way, and consider how he would have fared on the Normandy. They also compare Grunt and Korlus to Gears of War and wonder if there was some inspiration from the other game.

Next, the talk about waking Grunt up on the ship against Cerberus and EDI’s protestations. They talks about how Grunt, being so young, is still developing a personality. They discuss how much they use him in their groups. They talk about the point of EDI’s warnings that waking a Krogan could be fatal, and how that plays into the decisions the player must make as Shepard, even though none of the outcomes result in Grunt killing Shepard.

They compare Wrex to Grunt, and how Wrex’s experience makes him a completely different squad mate than Grunt’s naivette. They also compare Grunt to Kaiden, although they like Grunt more than Kaiden. They wonder about how Grunt innately knew how to make a shotgun.

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