Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about the early Mass Effect mission to Feros. They get right into it, talking about how the Geth are operating on the planet and manuevering around the Zhu’s Hope colony. Nick points out that the sense that something isn’t right with the colonists is evident early, but the excuse of anxiety from the Geth attacks is easy to blame.

Chip feels that this part of the story doesn’t make as much sense, with the Geth based out of the Exogeni building when they are ostensibly there to wipe out the Thorian. They also talk about how convenient it is that everything the colony needs is right in the tunnels along with the Geth transmitter you need to destroy. Kura talks about how he delayed helping the colonists until later in the experience.

Next, the squad talks about taking the Prothean Skyway to the Exogeni headquarters. Chip and Kura are glad the Mako controls have been redone because they would struggle with staying on the road through this part. They also talk about how the radio chatter is used to highlight the side-tunnels where you can find goods are.

Chip points out that he has tons of money from selling goods at this point so its not necessary. Chip also feels that the plot starts to make more sense here. They talk about meeting the Exogeni employees and getting into the Exogeni building, and they all enjoyed the interaction between the Krogan and the VI. Nick brings up the Geth church that is found in the building. They being talking about the story of the Thorian.

Finally, its time to raid the colony and everyone managed to save all the colonists, mostly due to improved gameplay. Nick was stuck to kill Ethan Jeong but Kura and Chip did not. They talk about their encounter with the Thorian and how the council was disappointed it could not be saved. They talk about whether they let Shiala the Asari live, and what Saren’s relationship with the Thorian really was.

Finally, Nick mentions some side quests that can be picked up by hacking terminals on this mission.

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