Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue talking about their time on Illium. This week, they get into the two recruiting missions to meet Samara the Justicar and Thane Krios the assassin. They begin by talking about the word Justicar and whether it originated from Mass Effect or not, as Justiciar is a real word. Then, they get into talking about how Samara is presented as a badass. They also talk about her task oriented, professional nature and how that can affect the ability to romance her. Next, they discuss how being a Justicar works with her recruitment onto the Normandy. They also talk about the possibility of Justicars going rogue and how that compares to being a Spectre. They also talk about her low-cut outfit.

Regarding the mission, they examine the relationship between Detective Anaya and Samara, as Anaya is putting herself in danger just by doing her job. They talk about Pitne For and whether or not they threw him under the bus, and have fun talking about the drunken Niftu Cal. They also talk about Elnora and whether they fell for her ploy or killed her outright.

Next they talk about recruiting Thane, and talk about how Chip finds him to be a boring character. Nick talks about how he’s more fascinated by Thane’s relationship with his son. They talks about how Thane was ready to die on the Nassana Dantius mission and was all too grateful for Shepard to come along and recruit him. They also mention the quick-time event with the mercenaries, and appreciate how smoothly Thane is able to kill Nassana. They also review Shepard’s history with Nassana Dantius, as she is another character from Mass Effect 1 to appear.

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