Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about their experiences playing through the Mass Effect 3 part of the Mass Effect Legendary edition. This week, they check in with the crew on the Normandy and then visit the Quarian Fleet to recruit them to the war effort.

First, they run through the various interactions with everyone on the Normandy after the recent events on Tuchanka and the Citadel. They talk to Hackett who reveals that the Crucible is 50% done, and they consider how that is possible, and compare that with the rate of Reaper progress in dominating the galaxy. They talk a little about Kai Leng’s run ins with Anderson and Chip once again points out that Kai Leng sucks. They discuss Kaiden mentioning that EDI looks good even though she is in the same body that nearly killed him.

They talk about Traynor coming up to Shepard’s cabin and how that can go awkwardly for a male Shepard. They also talk about the possibility of hooking up with Diana Allers after she interviews Shepard regarding their exploits so far. They talk about how odd it is to hook up with a digital character based on a real person, and how extraneous Allers feels as part of the crew. Next, they discuss James coming up to Shepard to talk about being invited to join the N7 program. They also mention the James and Garrus one-ups-manship that occurs in the mess hall where they try to outdo each other with their exploits.

Next, Shepard directs the Normandy to check in with the Quarian Fleet. Tali is an admiral, and Kurabara talks about his experience being in a relationship with Tali through this mission. They talk about the return of Legion and Chip mentions he doesn’t understand why Legion was trapped in the ball like he was. They talk about the escape sequence from the Dreadnaught, and they point out that the Geth fighter makes little logistical sense as far as serving as an effective escape vehicle.

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