Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to continue talking about their experiences playing the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week, they are talking about Sur’kesh, and why we’re going there. They discuss the Krogan leader’s insistence that the genophage be cured. Nick brings up the Yahg that appears early in the mission, and they speculate on how the Yahg would fare against the Reapers in 50,000 years. They wonder if the Yahg can do poetry.

Wrex is back and they talk about the cure coming from Maelon’s research, and how Wrex has a mole in Sur’kesh. They talk about the logic of unleashing the Krogan is if a Krogan war truly is inevitable. They compare the decision to using your pitchers in game 7 of a baseball series. They consider the threat and how some of the characters are acting like the threat is theoretical.

Kurabara mentions this was the demo level for the Xbox.

They talk about Wrex getting off the shuttle and getting aggressive with the Salarians. They discuss Mordin’s reappearance. They talk about the pressure Mordin puts on himself and his path to atonement. They discuss Mordin’s decision to use human religion to name Eve. They wonder about what would have happened if Shepard did not survive Mass Effect 2. They mention the Liara-Wrex meeting. They talk about Padon Wix who serves as the Mordin replacement if he is not available. Kura talks about pressing the button. They mention that Major Kirrahe is back, and consider how all the characters are climbing the ranks together.

They talk about Eve handling herself in combat and how the Krogan females will help repopulate the species. They consider the Eve-Mordin relationship. They talk about how the mission escalates as Cerberus shows up. They mention that James wants to go to Tuchanka and he’d be a good fit. They discuss the Mordin-Javik conversation.

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