Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about the major happenings on Virmire! But first, they get into the Normandy meetings that end the Feros and Noveria missions. They talk about how Ashley is very defensive to Liara siding with Shepard, and Nick claims it felt like it was because Ashley was being defensive of her relationship, where Chip and Kura argue that it was just Ashley being uncomfortable when dealing with aliens.

Then, they get into Virmire. First, they talk about dropping onto the planet and how it feels a bit like a Mario Kart Turtle Beach track. They discuss meeting Captain Kirrahe of the Salarian Infiltration Team, and his reveal that Saren has cloned and bred Krogan. This upsets Wrex, which leads to the first big moment on Virmire: The confrontation with Wrex. The squad all kept Wrex alive, but Nick talks about how on one play through he intentionally didn’t choose the option to reach out to Wrex, and instead when Wrex got heated, he sent Ashley a signal to shoot Wrex.

Next, they discuss entering Saren’s base, and how the layout is interesting because of the options you have for how to approach it. They talk about getting into Saren’s office and encountering Sovereign, and the reveal that Sovereign is a Reaper and he is working with Saren. They talk about how this is such a big moment in the game and a major twist.

Then, they talk about confronting Saren about this information. They talk about how Saren’s reaction is understandable. They discuss fighting him and trying to get him to join Shepard.

FInally, they talk about the decision to save Ashley or Kaiden. They talk about how there it was the culmination of a string of decisions that led to this moment, and how they normally handle this point in the game.

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