This week, Nick, Chip, and Kura greet the last member of team, Dr. Liara T’Soni, Asari Prothean archaelogist, stumbler into traps, and possible love interest for Shepard. They begin by running through the mission to meet her, which goes pretty quickly once you are on Therum. They try to figure out how exactly she got herself trapped in the Prothean bubble and what the Protheans could have intended with their security procedures. They also talk about combat with a Krogan and the possibility of leaving the recovery of Liara till near the end of the game.

Next, they talk about another mission in the Artemis Tau cluster involving Nassana Dantius and her slave-running sister. You are able to kill her sister on Sharilja in the Macedon system before returning to the Citadel to get the full quest details from Nassana. Either way, you get your reward. The squad also talks about how there are seemingly only about four kinds of base layouts and it is not hard to get used to them, and debate whether Bioware should have put resources into updating the variety of encounters. Nick points out that they did the same thing with Dragon Age: Origins back around this time as well.

When returning to the citadel to complete Nassana’s request, two other encounters are initiated. First, a fifth fleet admiral surprises Shepard for a Normandy inspection. Everyone grumps about how much this is annoying, but Nick talks about how he lacked any charisma points to get through the encounter and was left to get chewed out. Then, the group discusses the news report with Khalisah Al-Jilani. No one punched her (yet), but again, Nick was stuck answering her questions blandly and got called out by Hackett for the story making you look bad. Chip and Kura answered some questions but revealed a bit more and got called out by Hackett for that.

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