Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back this week to continue talking about the Thessia mission in Mass Effect 3. They begin by talking about the revelation that the Prothean had their own rogue group like Cerberus that prevented them from defeating the Reapers. They look back at Saren and his rationale for working with Sovereign in Mass Effect 1 for comparison, and then briefly review the history of Cerberus. They talk about the Illusive Man and how he fits into Cerberus.

They also consider the Reaper battle plan and how they manipulate their way to success. This leads to a discussion about how to survive the Reapers and they wonder if the beacons Liara made will work for the next cycle. The evaluate the Yahg who seem to be poised to evolve into the next great civilization of the next cycle. They talk about how one of the reasons the Reapers are successful are that no one ever believes the Reapers are real.

Next, they talk about the appearance of Kai Leng and his interruption of the history lesson from the Prothean VI. They note that the VI confirms Kai Leng has been indoctrinated. Chip mentions his disgust for the character. They talk about how this is a fight that you cannot win, which Chip also does not like. They wonder about why the Temple was built over a bottomless pit. Kura compares Kai Leng to an internet troll. They then compare Kai Leng and the Illusive Man in their roles as foils for Shepard. They wonder if Kai Leng was necessary in Mass Effect 3. They discuss how the narrative of Mass Effect 3 strains at certain points when events must happen regardless of choices the player has made.

Nick appreciates that the Illusive Man comments on Liara and her lousy Shadow Broker skills. They also mention that the Illusive Man insists that he is not indoctrinated. They then talk about Shepard losing this battle and compare it with other times Shepard may lose due to poor decision making.

They discuss returning to the Normandy and how it feels different. They review how the mission goes if Javik is not there. They mention that James compares this battle to the events of Paragon Lost, which is harsh. They wonder about obtaining Javik from Eden Prime after Thessia, and then complain about Javik being DLC despite being such an essential part of ME3. They review talking to the Asari Councillor who is also dealing with the fall of Thessia. Then they talk about how Anderson has to cheer up Shepard despite struggling to save Earth.

Nick gushes over Traynor as she finds a way to track Kai Leng to the Horizon system. They talk about Shepard being in foul mood with EDI and Joker, and how Joker has to put Shepard in their place. They discuss how the crew is as concerned about Shepard as Shepard is about the crew in this game. They mention the crew is also concerned about Liara, and then end on a lighter note as Daniels finally stands up to Donnelly and things seem to be changing for the young couple.

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