Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about their ongoing experiences in Mass Effect 2 as they play through the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week, they finish up their stay of Illium (for now) by finally heading up the stairs and into Liara’s office. But first they talk about how Liara is threatening to kill someone when you meet her. Then they wonder if the color of the Asari is based on their genetic heritage. Nick then talks about how nice it is for Liara to greet Shepard warmly as opposed to other members of the Normandy who treated Shepard with some coldness.

They talk about some of the quests that Liara sends you on, including the quest where you learn that Liara’s secretary is planning to kill her. That leads to a discussion of whether the Asari are the most duplicitous race in the galaxy. They also talk about how much more mature Liara is dealing with Shepard this time.

Kurabara brings up that the stocks for the Dantius corporation went up after Thane killed Nassana on a prior mission. They also talk about the encounter with Charr, the Krogan poet who is trying to woo an asari who seems to like him but is questioning whether she should stay with him. This leads to a discussion about Krogran relationship considerations with respect to the Genophage.

Finally, they head to Haestrom to meet Tali. Nick talks about how Kal’reegar got him to go Paragon on his playthrough. Then they talk about the radiation mechanic that requires players to hide in the shade or suffer constant damage to their shields. Nick talks about how Tali is glad to see Shepard and they tease her feelings for them. Kura brings up the Dark Energy subplot that pops up at points in Mass Effect 2. They also revisit Tali’s rebuff at the beginning of the game.

Nick also brings up that Kelly Chambers will tell male Shepards that Tali has a crush on you. Kura also brings up the fact that this is one of the few missions that involve Geth. Nick talks about the level design, and they also talk about the drones that Shepard encounters. They also talk about Jacob’s hostility towards Tali once she joins the crew. This leads to a discussion of Jacob’s role on the crew and his intended purpose, and how Mass Effect was developed with a straight, male eye.

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