Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back this week to talk more about the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week they are heading to Tuchanka to start working to get the Krogan on their side. They talk about Tuchanka and Kurabara once again compares it to Detroit. They mention the mission Primarch Victus sends them there for: to find a crashed ship that had his son aboard.

After hearing the details on the mission, Nick tries to track how many Harvesters they fought. They talk about the Harvesters relationship to the Reapers, and the various other Reaper forces encountered. Chip wonders what Volus and Elcor Reaper forces would be like. They talk about the layout of the mission from a combat perspective. They talk about Lieutenant Victus’ abilities as a leader and wonder if he got the job because of nepotism.

Next, they discuss the Tuchanka Cannon mission, which they quickly establish as filler. They wonder why Cerberus is present on Tuchanka. They point out that this is a multiplayer map reused for a single player mission. They talk about fighting Cerberus troops. They also evaluate the vanguard Shockwave ability, and also the utility of grenades.

Finally, they discuss the mission to defuse the giant bomb on Tuchanka. They debate if Victus died a hero’s death, after pointing out how his plot armor kept him alive earlier. They mention that failure to disarm the bomb has severe consequences, including Eve’s death. They wonder why Cerberus is involved again. They evaluate Cerberus’ handling of the Reaper threat and discuss the hubris of the Illusive Man. They transition to talking about the planet scanning mini-game, and Nick complains about finding destroyed fuel depots. They talk about trying to find downtime during an all encompassing Reaper invasion, and they admit they want a Gwent or Pazaak mini-game. Back on the topic of the bomb, they wonder how it was hidden for so long. They wonder if Lt. Victus should have been a Normandy crew member. After the mission, they talk about Shepard being rattled by all the death, and how Shepard has to yell at Wrex and Primarch Victus for bickering. They discuss Shepard not telling Wrex about the Turian bomb earlier.

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