Nick, Chip, and Kurabara are back to talk about their time playing Mass Effect 3 in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This week, they return to Tuchanka to take care of the Krogan genophage once and for all. They begin by reviewing the overall impact of the mission, and then talk about Mordin’s choice regarding the suicidal nature of the mission. They do point out there is a way to keep Mordin alive, and discuss the pain of making relative decisions.

After a recap of the mission, they check back in with the crew of the Normandy before they head to Tuchanka. They talk about meeting with Liara and her plan to leave small computer consoles around the galaxy, similar to the Prothean beacons. They discuss the nature of time capsules as a result. They also look at Dr. Chakwas and how she is (or is not) holding up. They also talk about Daniels and Donnelly, with Donnelly being his usual crude self towards EDI.

Next, the return to discussing the outcome of the Shroud mission. They talk about Shepard having to advance while dodging Reaper fire to activate the hammers. They talk about Kalross and her fight against the Reaper. They mention the plants that are growing around Tuchanka and how this, along with Eve, are a sign of hope for the Krogan race. They also consider Eve’s role as moderating female for the Krogan. They discuss the purpose of the Shroud, and compare Mordin’s death to the mission we do upon meeting him.

They also discuss the return of the Rachni. They consider how this game often negates the decisions made in the the first game. They talk about fighting the brutes. They again talk about the moment when Mordin acknowledges he is going to die. They praise the banter between Shepard and Wrex. They give a nod to Urdnot Wreave. They again talk about Mordin’s last moments and how Wrex will name a kid after him. They appreciate Eve sharing her true name with Shepard and Kura points out that after all this you don’t get Mordin to work on the Crucible.

They mention the Dalatrass’ subterfuge and whether Shepard shares it with the others or not. They talk about Garrus checking in on Shepard, and discuss Shepard having another nightmare.

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