Jarret is under the weather so Kurabara steps up to join Nick in talking about the latest in video game news. They’ve both been playing World of Warcraft: Shadowlands lately so they talk about their time in the game, and Nick mentions that Shadowlands has become the fastest selling pc game of all time, outpacing Diablo III (also by Blizzard!) They talk a little about how they’ve been enjoying the story but there were low metacritic scores and this leads into Kurabara talking about his time playing Cyberpunk 2077 on pc.

Kurabara mentions the character customization features and then they get into the graphic problems on console, in particular older consoles like the PS4 and XBox One X. Kura suggests that QA could have been the culprit but Nick thinks it was a matter of developer hours, even though CD Project Red did crunch heavily on this title. Kura then talks about the combat feeling okay and the driving feeling weird. They also discuss how the single player game is coming later as a separate title, not just a mode, although it will connect to the single player game.

They also discuss the game awards which were tonight and full of announcements. Nick says that Hades should have been game of the year although The Last of Us II won. Nick talks about how gaming this year will forever be linked to the pandemic and how that affected hits like Fall Guys and Among Us. Kura talks about how the announcements overshadow the awards, and Nick argues that the announcments are what make the event feel unique to the gaming community. They also run quickly through some of the announcements and worry about the state of Bioware.

In other news, Neil Druckmann is now Co-President of Naughty Dog. And Oscar Isaac has been cast as Solid Snake in a Metal Gear Solid adaptation. The guys wonder how Pyschomantis will work in movie format.


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