Jarret is back with Nick and while they are here to talk about the latest in gaming news, this week that takes the form of a lot of Cyberpunk talk. First, Nick talks about playing World of Warcraft Shadowlands and how his stubborness is making his playthrough take longer. Then Jarret talks about playing Cyberpunk 2077 on his pc and how aside from some bugs, overall he is having a fun experience.

Then they get into the news. Jarret reviews the statement from CD Project Red last week where they announced that refunds would be available from retailers. The pair talk about how CD Project Red knew the game was underdeveloped and should have been delayed and how that is unexcusable. They talk about how Microsoft and Sony got stuck holding the bag for this, and that ultimately lead to Sony pulling the game from the Playstation Store. Jarret talks about how the fact that there is only one version of the game across console generations is causing this, and Nick wonders if other games will be affected. They review the certification process (and how the game was already delayed because of it) and how bringing back something like the Nintendo Seal of Quality would go a long way toward preventing these type of releases. They mention feeling sorry for the developers because they are stuck fixing this game over the holidays.

In other news, Jarret is upset that Codemasters was purchased by EA instead of Take Two, as EA will only use them to turn Need for Speed into an annual franchise instead of Codemasters being allowed to develop Midnight Club as Take Two would have done.

Greg Street announced Riot is working on a League of Legends MMO. Nick is intrigued about this but Jarret doesn’t think it will fit into the MMO landscape.

A customer recorded some Walmart employees purchasing PS5’s for themselves, when there were people waiting outside the store. Don’t buy scalped consoles!


Jarret Redding

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