Jarret and Nick are back to talk about the latest in gaming news. First, Nick talks about playing Fall Guys and getting farther on the battle pass than ever. He also tells a story about getting stuck on a map. Jarret, meanwhile, finished It Takes Two and complains about the resolution of the story and how the gameplay in later chapters felt short.

In the news, MLB The Show 21 fans were surprised and some were upset when Microsoft announced it would be coming to Game Pass. Many fans purchased a Playstation 5 just to play the game, and to see it released as part of the regular Game Pass subscription on pc was concerning. Jarret and Nick talk about how this deal came about and what it could mean for Sony-Microsoft relations going forward.

Also, as part of the Epic v. Apple lawsuit, Epic Games was forced to reveal how much it pays for exclusive and free games on the Store. Although Epic is taking a loss, its Fortnite revenue more than makes up for it, so this is all part of a strategy to take on major storefronts like Steam and Apple and wedge their way into the marketplace. Nick and Jarret talk about the logic behind this strategy and praise Epic’s innovation of the battle pass for Fortnite.

The Last of Us 2 will not be getting any DLC, as Naughty Dog is instead focused on multiplayer and the The Last of Us remake. Jarret expects the remake to be amazing while Nick is concerned Naughty Dog is needs a creative breather and it stuck rehashing what it can. They also discuss Sony’s plans for this generation and whether or not we should be concerned by their focus on blockbusters.

Nick talks about a gamesindustry.biz article that blames David Brevik’s work on Diablo for creating loot boxes. Nick rants about how that makes no sense.


Jarret Redding

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