Nick and Katie are back to continue their discussion about what they want to see for all their favorite characters in 2022. They resume with a discussion of the Winter Queen, and how the Eternal Ones need hobbies. Nick suggests that the Winter Queen could use a nice set of garden shears and Katie envisions her doing bansai. Katie also wants to see her make up with the Elune as she wants to learn more about their sisterly relationship. Next, they talk about the Primus. Katie wants him to relax while Nick wants him to get some beard trimmers. They tie this back to the Winter Queen’s garden shears, and suddenly the Winter Queen is running a salon in Ardenweald. As for the Archon, Katie just wants her not to turn into another Yrel, while Nick has no idea and suggests a Starbucks gift card.

Next, they discuss Prince Renethal. Katie wants him to have many nice parties. Nick wants him to get a haircut and a nice wardrobe. They also talk about Theotar who they agree would make a nice mini-pet that you should be able to dress. Then they mention Denathrius and how he should have to participate in Children’s Week, just to be seen as an NPC in each of the battlegrounds struggling with his orphan.

They also bring up Bolvar and talk about the condition of his skin. Can he get a massage? Would he enjoy a spa day? If so, he should have one with Taelia. Nick brings up Calia Menethil and Katie expresses her disdain for the character. Katie says she wants Calia to go off to a bar and drink so she’s out of the story. They also talk about her possible interactions with Arthas, and consider Illidan and his return in Legion for how that could go. They then discuss Lillian Voss and how they want the Forsaken to return to a position of strength.

On the Alliance side, they talk about Tyrande and Malufrion. Tyrande should not die and be savage, and she should go on a couple’s vacation with her husband. Next they mention Ysera and how she can’t leave Ardenweald and Nick envisions her stuck in a dead-end job working for the Winter Queen’s Salon. They also mention Elune and how she needs to do better at staying informed.

They also talk about Kael’thas and Lady Vashj and how they’ve enjoyed interacting with former villains this expansion.

They discuss Azeroth and whether she should leave the planet to go somewhere else. They also consider Firim and how they wish he shares his knowledge.

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