Nick and Katie are back to talk about their journeys through Nazmir! But first Patch 8.1 is live so they talk a bit about what they’ve been doing in game. Katie started the Darkshore questline, while Nick continued the War Campaign. Nick has news for Katie in that Gallywix is starting to grow on him a little. But only a little.

They then get into talking about Nazmir. Princess Talanji leads an expedition into the zone to combat the Blood Trolls. After an encounter with the Blood Trolls near Uldir, the group flees as Bloodmatriarch Ateena reveals herserlf as the main villain of the zone, with Taloc from the Uldir raid looming as a threat atop the structure. Talanji, Rokhan, the player, and others gather and decide to recruit help within the zone from the four loa that live there.

First, players seek out Hireek the bat. They find that the Blood Trolls have already corrupted him. The player fights the Blood Trolls until finally given the chance to kill Hireek in battle.

Second, players are sent to Bwon’samdi, but Nick and Katie discuss him later.

Third, players follow the migrating Tortollans to Torga, the sea turtle. They find a massive, partially consumed corpse, and Katie laments that the map spoils the surprise. Players have to remove the corruption and purify Torga so that they can enact a resurrection spell. Torga is reborn as a baby sea turtle.

Fourth, players assist Krag’wa the frog in saving his children as well as his followers. Krag’wa has a quest where players can ride him while he jumps around attacking people.

At this point, Katie brings up Bwon’samdi, and several of his followers that you meet along the way. Nick and Katie argue about the nature of the deal you make with Bwon’samdi. Through this deal, you gain his aid for the rest of the zone.

After gaining Krag’wa’s help, the GOB Squad crash into the zone. The player must help them get the AMOD mech working. The mech is brought down the river on a raft and then everyone else from the zone helps to get the mech within firing distance of Taloc. The player attacks and defeats Ateena to remove the shields protecting Taloc, and then the GOB Squad fires on the construct. The roof of the Uldir complex collapses, and players are tasked with going into the Underrot.

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