Nick is back and Katie isn’t feeling well so instead he’s joined by Skoll Shorties to talk about all things Rexxar! They begin by talking about Skoll’s youtube videos and his love of Rexxar since he was a kid and how that led to him rolling a Beastmaster Hunter. Then they talk about how Beastmaster hunter has changed over the years.

Next, they get into Rexxar’s history and talk about his introduction in Warcraft III as part of the Founding of Durotar scenario. They talk about how he ingratiated himself into the Horde and then worked with Rokhan and Chen Stormstout. They mention Rexxar was instrumental in defeating the Alliance forces at Theramore by killing Daelin Proudmoore. They also talk about how he was respectful in the victory which at the time helped foster a relationship between the Horde and Jaina Proudmoore.

After wandering Desolace and Feralas, they talk about Rexxar’s next appearance in the Burning Crusade when he returned to Blade’s Edge Mountains and had to reconnect with his father and chieftan, Leoroxx.

Next, they talk about Rexxar’s re-emergence in Legion. They talk about how they were underwhelmed by the Hunter class campaign but they liked the Hunter Lodge class hall itself. They also consider the role of the Unseen Path.

Next, they talk about Rexxar’s role in Battle for Azeroth as part of the forces attacking Kul Tiras in Battle for Azeroth. They talk about him working with Zelling and Lillian Voss and Valtrois. Skoll talks about his theory that Rexxar is who informed Saurfang and Thrall about Baine’s abduction. They talk about Rexxar finally appearing in an in-game cinematic and look forward to when he might show up next.

They also talk briefly about what they hope for in the next expansion. They speculate about a world revamp and wonder what is to come.

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Nick Zielenkievicz

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