This week Nick is joined by youtuber Ban’orak (formerly Skoll Shorties) to talk about the Orc Heritage Armor. After a brief chat about the Ahsoka trailer, and how there are characters name Skoll and Hati, they talk about how when the things that inspire WoW lore show up in other media, independent of Warcraft, it still makes them think of Warcraft.

Next, they talk the Orc Heritage armor questline. Nick laments that he doesn’t have any characters to run the questline on yet but Ban’orak points out that the exalted reputation requirement will be lifted in 10.1. They go over the beginning of the quest and talk about Drek’thar as the aging leader of the Frostwolves as well as Thrall and Aggra’s relationship leading to Aggra becoming the next Farseer of the Frostwolves.

Then, they discuss Eitrigg’s idea to resume the Ko’sharg on Azeroth. They talk about the various orcs and clans that have come to participate in the event. They talk about the Frostwolves and the Warsong, as well as some other clans like the Burning Blade and Bleeding Hollow. They also talk about the orcs that have no clan currently, like Nazgrim and Shokia. They also talk about some returning orcs like Nazgrel, last seen in Thrallmar in Outland. Ban’orak of course talks about the appearance of the Mok’nathal and the resolution of the relationship between Rexxar and Leoroxx.

Next, they discuss the part of the quest chain when the orc ancestors show up, and they talk about the return of orcs like Draka, Orgrim Doomhammer, Durotan, and Grommash Hellscream. They also talk about the plotline surrounding Thrall’s son Durak and his search for his purpose as an orc. The conclude by talking about how they enjoyed the questline overall.

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