POOR URSOC!!! Nick and Katie are here to work through their grief over the bear god’s fate. But first, Nick rants about how Night Elves always have the most tragic stories, in pointing out the similarities between Ardenweald and Val’sharrah (and Teldrassil, for what its worth.)

Then, the duo get into Ursoc’s history. They talk about how he and his brother Ursol were empowered by Freya to become wild gods. They also talk about how Freya gave Ursoc the Claw of Ursoc and he worked to master them. Ursoc and Ursol were quick to respond to the call for help during the War of the Ancients, and they were killed when they were overrun by felhounds. Ursoc was resurrected by the Grizzlemaw furbolgs in Grizzly Hills, and then we had to kill him because he was corrupted by Yogg-Saron. He then spends his time in the Emerald Dream until he’s trapped by Xavius and corrupted to become a boss in the Emerald Nightmare raid, which is where the cinematic picks up.

Nick and Katie then talk about the cinematic, and try to divine how the cycle of life and death works for wild gods. Nick compares the Emerald Dream to the Firelands for Ragnaros and the Twisting Nether for demons, and wonders if we’ll see characters like Ragnaros or Kil’jaeden in the Shadowlands somewhere (probably not.) They also talk about how powerful beings in the Shadowlands (or connected to the Shadowlands) get the echo-reverb effect, like the Winter Queen, or the Archon of Bastion, or the Lich King.

They also then wonder about what it means to live in the Shadowlands like fauns like Ara’lon and discuss what that must be like.

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Katie Grace

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