Nick and Katie take another hypothetical trip through Azeroth’s history as Katie brings up the idea of what would Azeroth look like if the Orcs never came over from Draenor?

First they discuss how most of the human alliances were dependent on the orcs coming over in the first place, and how the humans were quite isolationist if not outright hostile before the threat of the orcs. The elves also had sparse relations with the humans.

Nick wonders whether the Legion would send something else or if there’s no First War entirely. Without Llane being killed, Stormwind is protected. Deathwing lurks in Alterac. They discuss if Deathwing would lead the humans to keep warring amongst themselves.

A standing Stormwind leads to Anduin growing up with a full family. The gnomes still lose Gnomeregan as that was its own event. They consider the Dwarven lineage and how that plays out. Katie would like a good Dwarven timeline for her research.

They ponder how Onyxia might try to interfere in events. Could she supplant Tiffin and marry Varian herself? Would that make their son more Anduin or Wrathion? Would Onyxia kill Varian once she had secured her access to the throne?

Jaina would still be in the Eastern Kingdoms, not having been urged to go to Kalimdor. They wonder if Deathwing would try to claim the Elven Kingdoms, which might be difficult since elves tend to keep themselves removed from society. Lireesa would still be Ranger General in Silvermoon.

Paladins are not created, so Turalyon remains a priest. Deathwing would work with the goblins to foment war.

Without the Horde to help Vol’jin and Cairne, the Darkspear and Bloofhoof Tauren fall to the naga and centaurs. Magatha has an easier time uniting the tribes with the Grimtotem. She could take them to Silithus where she could be corrupted by C’Thun.

The Twilight Hammer is doing well in this timeline. Deathwing is running rampant but there is no Cataclysm. The Emerald Nightmare still exists.

Sargeras sends his avatar to find Aegwynn, and implants himself in Medivh. Could Khadgar stop Medivh?

Either the Old Gods run rampant or the Legion and Old Gods battle. The Titan Soul would be corrupted or lost for all time.

They talk about Night Warrior Tyrande hooking up with Illidan and the comment just how wrong the whole timeline is.

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Katie Grace

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