With the series premiere, we get our first taste of how much adapting this TV adaptation will be doing. Episode 1 introduces the audience to Joel, Sarah, Tommy, Tess, Ellie, and Marlene. Gabriel Luna certainly did his homework on Tommy, and Marlene is, well, still Marlene. Others though seem to have put their own spin on the characters. We get to spend more time with Sarah than we did in the game, but it may not feel like it really made a difference.

Things really get changed up when we finally move into the Boston QZ. Lots of changes that seem small, but may have a much larger impact later. More intimacy between Joel and Tess, an unexplained Firefly massacre, and Robert getting the jump on Tess to name a few. Join us as we discuss the 90-minute first episode of The Last of Us.


Jarret Redding

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