Rei and Eric are here to chat about their time in Antorus. But first, they talk about running some alts through older content. This also leads to a brief discussion on guild support in WoW. Nick, meanwhile, has earned his monk class mount and also got his Windwalker hidden artifact appearance from the Withered Army Training on the first try. Hooray!

Eric and Rei cleared Antorus over the last two weeks on normal, and they discuss that in detail. First they talk about the Garothi Worldbreaker. Then, they talk about the Felhounds of Sargeras, and Eric likes the tanking trinket they drop. Next up is the Antoran High Council, has a fun pod mechanic. Then comes Portal Keeper Hasabel. This leads to an offworld encounter in a structure that looks like the Titanic work in Un’goro or Sholazar Basin, where Eonar needs to be protected from about 9 waves of invaders. Next, they go back to Antorus to fight Imonar the Soulhunter, and then Kin’garoth. Nick explains the lore behind Varimathras to Eric, as the demon was originally in Undercity serving Sylvanas until his betrayal during the Wrathgate. Sargeras was not pleased with his failure and has been torturing him ever since. His comments on Sylvanas are interesting food for thought.

Next is the Coven of Shivarra, as seen in last cinematic from the Argus quest chain released in the last few weeks. Eric enjoys this fight because of the tank switching that must be done. Nick wonders if the healing mechanics in Normal are challenging enough for most healers. Rei responds that she plays her keyboard and mouse like a piano when healing efficiently. After the Coven, the next boss is Aggramar. Eric breaks down his mechanics. Eric didn’t see the cinematic that introduces Argus, but he did defeat him, and so he talks about that fight. Finally, Rei didn’t see the post-raid cinematic (because the bonus loot timer is too short), so everyone discusses their thoughts on a giant sword sticking out of Silithus

In the news, Celestalon has left the WoW team for Hearthstone, and Slootbag says unofficially that WoW subs are at about Wrath of the Lich King levels.

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