Rei is back with Eric and Nick this week to talk about what’s been happening in the World of Warcraft. First, she and Eric talk about running Heroic Antorus and how Coven is the hardest fight. Eric talks about staying up to watch the Mythic Dungeon Invitational, but it was on late enough that he fell asleep in his chair. Nick comments that he’s been falling asleep while running world quests.

Last episode, YepX asked about add-ons people use, and ArcaneVolcano tweeted about the add-on that replaces the Hunter Gun sound with the sound from before Warlords of Draenor. YepX also submitted a forum comment about adding a new level of currency. The gang agrees that it isn’t necessary but couldn’t hurt.

In the news, the Remote Auction House is being retired on 4/18. Rei is disappointed because she would use it regularly to monitor her auctions. She even fell asleep using it once and bought three Reins of Poseidus. Nick is disappointed because it was good for clearing your mailbox on your alts. The gang is hopeful that it will be replaced by something better. They also agree that the Auction House needs a makeover.

Battle for Azeroth will release on 8/14. The gang discusses if they think this is too soon, and Nick again points out that Legion is going to come out of this looking like the best expansion for WoW. Rei and Eric talk about their experiences in the alpha. Rei does lots of Q&A while Eric has been playing his Blood DK.

The physical Collector’s Edition has been announced. Nick is excited because he can pre-order and get early access to the allied races in exchange for credit. He is glad to the the Behind the Scenes DVD go, and rants about how it was a disappointing product. He is less concerned about the loss of the art book. He convinces Eric that the coin included is worthwhile by comparing the Alliance to Burger King and the Horde to McDonald’s.

Finally, Blizzcon will be 11/2 and 11/3. The gang laments that they won’t be able to go.

Nick takes a quick look back at episode #5, which featured a long discussion on the merging of the Ravencrest and Uldaman realms, that apparently was no big deal.

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Rei Liou

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