Nick and Harv are back without Rei and Eric as they have the episode off. Instead, the show is joined by streamer Crisp and fellow Mash Those Buttons podcaster Kurabara to talk about their further experiences in the Fated Raids. They talk about how it feels to be cycling through the raids instead of progressing through them sequentially. They discuss revisiting some of the harder bosses and how it feels to be facing them again on fresh clear attempts.

Crisp talks about his guild’s struggles to get Mythic Jailer down in what he calls the Race to World Last.

Kura talks about his luck with drops and his improvement at dying less in raid. He mentions his satisfaction at killing Sire Denathrius. He talks about working on his healing skills on his druid and how he’s amazed at how much work goes into keeping the raid team alive.

They talk about WoW Classic and the upcoming launch of Wrath of the Lich King with the impending zombie invasion. Nick and Harv are excited for this.

Nick also talks about his challenges making a macro out of the Hearthstone toys he is collecting. He wishes Blizzard would build an interface to manage these like they did for mounts.

In the news, they talk about how reputations are being removed in Dragonflight in place of the Renown system, which leads to Nick speculating if they could use the system, with its Battlepass like rewards system, as a way to shift from a subscription to Battlepass model.

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