Frazley from the Frazlcast joins Nick, Rei, Eric, and Harv this week as they look at how things are progressing in Battle for Azeroth. He starts by talking about the Frazlcast and his other shows that he works on. Then, everyone discusses their current status in BfA. Rei, Eric, and Harv are working on getting ready for Uldir which opens on Tuesday. Nick is 120 and still working through Voldun, trying not to get distracted by world quests. Nick also talks about how he’s played his warlock just to sell bags because the WoW Token is so cheap right now (under 110K g on US servers!)

Ceri sent a tweet about the recommended way to earn reputation. YepX sent in an email talking about War Mode and how it should be able to be turned off everywhere, but Nick says that Blizzard would never do that because the inconvenience of toggling it is part of the point. They then get into a lengthy discussion of creature scaling and how things are bad early in the expansion because the system was reset and not a smooth continuation from Legion. Finally, YepX asks about inscription and professions. No one plays a scribe, so they talk about how their professions are or aren’t making money. Nick mentions that WoD bags are selling, and goblin gliders if you can make them. Anchor Weed is making herbalism profitable. They then debate if the scrapper has been good for the game or not, since it gives players access to a wider array of materials.

The Warbringers Azshara short was released at gamescom. Nick likes the drumbeat. They talk about the reveal of N’Zoth and where they think the game might be going. Frazley talks about how Azshara’s lack of concern for her people made Sylvanas look better by comparison. Overall, this was a well liked short.

In the news, there was a Dev Q&A recently where Ion addressed the mob scaling concerns. BfA is the fastest selling WoW expansion with 3.4 million copies sold in one day. Ion Hazzikostas spoke at PAX West about his journey to and through Blizzard. WoWhead posted an article on the creation of Scholomance. People were banned for exploiting a World Quest bug. Blizzard is starting the Blizzcon hype with a series of pre-Blizzcon videos starting on 9/12. had an article about the making of WoW. Forbes had an interview with Steve Burke and Steve Danueser.

Finally, the gang looks back at episode #15, when Katie Grace first appeared on the show to talk about cosplay as Patch 6.0.2 loomed ahead.

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