WAKFU Gameplay Videos

Jessica Weimar
February 7th, 2012


What is a WAKFU ?  WAKFU is yet another free-to-play MMORPG, this time published by Square Enix. WAKFU is currently in its open beta stage, and will release to the world on February 29, 2012.  WAKFU features 12 classes for characters to choose from, and is anime styled.  We have a couple of videos here for you, showing off two of the character classes.

Sadidas are the class shown in the video above.  They are dedicated to protecting plant life in the world.  Thought of as just lazy plant summoners, the Sadidas will not hesitate to dominate those who try to cross them.


This video features the Osamodas, the beast tamers of the World of Twelve.  Their faithful companions, the Gobgobs, are usually found hopping along side of them to capture souls that they can use to summon into battle.  The Osamodas use the powers of earth, air, and fire to attack and can also utter a variety of cries to increase the capacity of their summons and give orders.



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