Square Enix’s Steam Sale Starts Today

Cathy Rouleau
Staff Writer
March 22nd, 2012

From now until Monday March 26th gamers who use Steam can get Square Enix games for up to 50% off!  There will also be Daily Deals over this time period, starting out today with 75% off all previous released Hitman games.  Or you can buy the Square Enix Hit collection game bundle of 15 classic games including games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Tomb Raider: Legend.


Cathy enjoys playing video games to relax/escape from a long day. She really likes puzzle games as well as games that have a strong female lead. She is also kind of a poor gamer (as in money), so she tends to pick her games carefully. That way she can get the maximum fun for the cheapest cost.

Specialty: Platformers
  • Lena Johnes

    Why did nobody tell me this earlier. I wish I had more Paysafecards here with me. I’m afraid I’m going to spend the one my Dad gave me for Skype. Damn, I need those games now! :D /me is so happy