Bubblyfish, Dain Saint, and Watabou at July 8static (PHL)

Jarret Redding
Executive Editor
July 9th, 2012

 July’s 8static is coming up this Saturday (July 14th), and they’ve lined up what looks to be another great show.  This month you can check out NYC’s Bubblyfish, Philly’s Dain Saint, and Michigan’s Watabou.  Each will be blasting their chiptunes to the visuals of Invaderbacca from New York.

The open mic usually starts at 8pm, but if you get to PhillyMOCA at 7pm you will be able to catch The Dutchess’ workshop on Deflemask; which is a tracker that supports multiple sound chips and sound chip types for those that didn’t know that (like me). Also this month, we provided our friends at 8static with copies of Infinity Shred’s EP_001.  They will be giving those out between sets.

If you want to get in on the open mic make sure you get there early, as spaces are limited.  Fee for entry is on a sliding scale ($7-$10), but you might want to bring an extra few bucks to pick up swag the artists bring. To keep up with the latest 8static happenings you can check out their website, Tumblr, or Twitter.  See you there.


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