Laugh at the Horror of Lakeview Cabin

Laugh at the Horror of Lakeview Cabin

I never much get to laugh at horror games any more. They just take themselves so seriously that there’s rarely a time for humor to sneak its way in. While I do like my scary games to be pretty intense, some of the best horror writing ever put to the page has funny moments that take you out of your fear for a moment, making you forget that everything has gone to hell all around you. So, when I laughed while watching the trailer for Lakeview Cabin, yet at the same time found myself unsettled by all the blood and body parts, it had my attention.

I have the hardest time not thinking about Scribblenauts when I look at the gameplay of Lakeview Cabin. The game presents you and your groups of teenagers (who get up to all sorts of NSFW-ish trouble) with a situation that may or may not involve a serial killer looking to put more bodies in his basement. Your job is to figure out these puzzle-like situations and then use the tools at hand to survive. Creativity is encouraged in your solutions, and combining the open nature of the puzzles and the look of the game just has me thinking of some of the demented solutions I’d come up during Scribblenauts. If it had been covered in blood, viscera, and the blurred naughty bits of tiny people, I guess.

As funny as it looks while aping several different horror movies, when those bad guys show up, it looks like it gets scary fast. You can find out just how scary that is by playing the demo of it, and if you poop yourself a little bit, maybe consider sliding on over to Steam to give the game a Greenlight vote. Then again, you may have other, more pertinent problems to deal with if you’ve already soiled yourself from a scare. Get a hold of yourself. Jeez. It’s just a game.




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