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SITREP Radio #28: Savage Garden (Gloves) & Shhh! Cheat Club!

The hype and feel-good-factor are both still present this week as Mike, Rob, and Luke discuss how Update 1.4 feels now that the all of the community has been able to enjoy what is essentially a brand new game for over a week. There’s plenty of chat about gear, weapons, character builds in general and diversity, as well as how 1.4 has changed the meta with all the re-balancing work that Massive has introduced. There’s also news from the latest State of the Game broadcast where topics such as console performance issues, in-game cheat management, other minor in-game bugs and a tease towards update 1.5 (which will include another Public Test Server period) were discussed by The Division Community Managers.

(P.S. There are some old-school Savage Garden reference in this episode – SORRY!!)


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Podcast Host
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Length: 00:46:34