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SITREP Radio #29: SURVIVAL – Get Warm or Die Trying

There was a “Massive” surprise this week as the guys over in Sweden dropped a Special Report broadcast into the laps of the community. DLC Expansion number 2, “Survival”, was the reason with another PC-only PTS going live later that same day for Season Pass holders. It’s fair to say that the hype was off the chart. Join (a very tired) Mike, Rob and Luke as they battle rogue-induced-fatigue to chew the fat regarding what they know about “Survival”. There is also news regarding the free 1.5 update that will be dropping, including details of new Named Weapons, brand new Named High End Gear Pieces, a new Gear Set, a new Gear Score, a much requested Stash Size Increase and a brief round-up of the key details from today’s State of the Game broadcast.


Podcast Host
Podcast Host
Luke Mallatratt
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Length: 01:08:58