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SITREP Radio #43: Hang Tight Agents, It’s On The Way!

#TeamSITREP presents a short episode this week, as there really wasn’t much news around. The State of the Game broadcast provided the news that update 1.6/Last Stand had gone out to Sony and Microsoft for authentication, but an official release date was not provided. Yannick and Hamish also provided a tiny bit of news about the tweeks that were made to the patch after the PTS closed down. The biggest bit of news from this weeks broadcast was undoubtedly that Yamish finally admitted the game would continue to be supported and updated beyond the current “Year One” cycle, but stopped short of announcing an official “Year Two”. An official announcement will no doubt be incoming shortly as the Anniversary of release rapidly approaches.

Mike, Rob and Luke will be joined next week by a special member of the #The Division community – so please stay tuned.


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Podcast Host
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Length: 00:20:02