The Division

SITREP Radio #52: PTS, ETF, and A One Year Anniversary

#TeamSITREP are proud to present Episode 52. YES. An entire year of SITREP Radio. Cheers to everyone that has listened to even a single episode of our podcast, interacted with us over Twitter or Facebook, or popped into any of our streams. We really do appreciate every single one of the interactions. And here’s to another year [cheers]…

As usual, the boys talked about what they have been up to during the past week. The three of them have joined the Overwatch world recently, so there’s been plenty of that. Rob, as per usual, has been playing Destiny, and Luke has been the only one of the three that is still running The Division on a daily basis.

This weeks State of the Game broadcast delivered news that the PC-only PTS for update 1.6.1 will be live (unless something goes drastically wrong overnight) today at noon-ish (21/04/2017). #TeamSITREP urge anyone who is taking part in the PTS process to provide as much helpful feedback as possible across a variety of activities. This patch is focused around bug fixing and quality of life, so the more feedback we as community can provide back to the developers the better.


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