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SITREP Radio #54: PTS 3 & A Teenage Mutant Ninja Backpacks?

As ever, the lads provide their weekly round-up of all things The Division. They discuss their week in-the-game, give a quick shout-out to the winner of the latest #SITREPSpeedChallenge (new challenge in-bound next week), and come up with a couple of ideas for the outgoing Ninja Messenger Bike Backpack. That’s right, I said “outgoing”. The NMBB will be pulled from the loot pool once patch 1.6.1 goes live, with the dev-team wanting to re-work this exotic armour piece ready for a re-release during update 1.7. Anyone with any suggestions for this re-work please head over to the official Division forums and post away – the guys at Massive will be reading intently.

The State of the Game broadcast this week dropped somewhat of a surprise on the community, with the news that all backpacks will receive a retro-active increases to their capacity when patch 1.6.1 goes live at the end of the month. 120 items will be the new limit, up from the current 66 in order to maximise the effectiveness of the incoming loadouts system. Hamish and Yannick also announced that the application process for ETF-Charlie has now concluded, and those who are lucky enough to be picked for the workshops at Reflections Studio in Newcastle-upon-Tyne should be informed by the latter stages of next week.


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