SITREP Radio #57: Update 1.6.1 Is Locked & Loaded

This week the boys talk about their experiences with patch 1.6.1, which went live in the game on Tuesday. Loadouts were the BIG addition to the game, and they’ve been very warmly received by #TeamSITREP, as has the backpack size increase. Build chat was obviously a feature of this weeks show because of this addition. Build diversity went up a notch for sure. There was also A LOT of bug fixing in this patch too, as Massive tentatively named this the “Quality of Life” patch. The lads also give a quick nod towards the new iteration of the Speed Challenge they have been running recently, so pay attention to their Twitters for all the details.

Because ETF-Charlie is currently on-going in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK), there was no State of the Game broadcast this week. It will be back next week as usual. It was Mike’s turn for the #IdeasForMassive segment this week. He put forward his idea regarding a pre-set build variant/game mode within Last Stand, which seemed to go down very well with Rob and Luke. Let the guys know what you think of their ideas either via Twitter or send the guys an email to their official podcast email address.


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Length: 00:46:17