World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 Models

The Tauren & The Goblin #10: Patch 7.2 Models (GALLYWIX!!!)

Katie is back to talk with Nick about the Patch 7.2 models that have appeared on the PTR. First though, Katie talks about what she’s been up to in game playing on her druid. Nick started on the Warlock Class Hall quest, and shares his experience so far. Jackal left a comment regarding Episode 8 that gets Nick to admit that the show has Horde bias, and then Katie talks about Sylvanas and her motives in comparison to Garrosh. Nick points out that Horde leaders tend to be of the evil persuasion, and that can be disappointing as a Horde player (RIP Vol’jin).

Also, Jashall sends an email that talks about games where the concept of it being a video game were front and center. He mentions Star Ocean and The Matrix Online, but Nick also talks about .Hack. He doubts that World of Warcraft would go in that direction, but it is amusing to compare an established MMO to a fake MMO from 2003. Finally, Katie gets to talk about the Gallywix model, and her hope that this will lead to Undermine showing up in the game. They talk a little about Gallywix’s past appearances in the Lost Isles and during the Legion Invasions, and his reliance on his Spider-Mech. Nick asks Katie who would win in a fight: Gallywix or Mechatorque, and gets the expected response.

Nick also brings up the Disguised Anduin model, which prompts specuation about how it could be used. Is Andiun courting Horde players, or is Anduin hiding from the Legion, or from some other group? Or is this even for patch 7.2 or 7.3, or could this model be for use in whatever expansion is to come? We don’t know but we’ll try to figure it out anyway on this week’s The Tauren & the Goblin!


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