The Tauren & The Goblin #14: The Arrakoa & the Arrakoa (Chronicle II)

CHRONICLE VOLUME II IS HERE!!!!! Nick and Katie are excited to finally talk about the next chapter in the compendium of Warcraft lore. First, they get into a discussion about artifact appearances and how they are currently scheduled to no longer be available when Legion is over. Both Nick and Katie dislike that idea, especially since there is so much content to do in Legion and so many appearances to earn per character, that it is going to be difficult to get all the appearances one may want before they are gone. Plus its always a poor decision to remove content from a game where players are always looking for more things to do. Then, Nick and Katie finally dive into Chronicle.

They talk about one of their favorite parts — the Arrakoa lore, since the bird-people are one of their favorite races. They discuss how the Arrakoa have been important since the Burning Crusade and how Legion expanded their lore dramatically. Nick appreciates how the Curse of Sethe led to the orc’s red pox which led to the red mist that turned some of the Draenai into the Broken. Then they discuss Ner’zhul’s changing role through the canon, as Chronicile intially depicts him as a much more sympathetic character, and end by talking about Medivh and how One Night in Karazhan is kinda made canon. All this and much more rambling about lore in this week’s The Tauren & the Goblin!


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