Watchpoint Radio #15: Patch Aftermath, Data Leak, and Quién es Sombra?

New game modes? Map on the moon? Stealth abilities? A huge data mining thread on Reddit raised a lot of questions about the future of Overwatch with a truck load of new voice lines and sounds. We discuss and speculate what it all means. We also tap into how the Ana patch has changed the game. D.Va, Zenyatta, and McCree all benefited from buffs. D.Va and Zenyatta are finally viable, while McCree has returned to his previous status as tank buster. But will those buffs stay in place? We’ll discuss what we’d like to see done to those characters to further balance them. We also jump down the Sombra rabbit hole. Now that we know she’s definitely not Ana, who is she? What does she do? How soon can we expect her. All this and more on this week’s Watchpoint Radio!


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Length: 01:50:20