Overwatch Year of the Rooster

Watchpoint Radio #41: Welcome to the Year of the Rooster

Last week, we got a teaser of the next Overwatch event: Year of the Rooster. The event started last night, bringing lots of new skins, emotes, voice lines, and more. Perhaps too many voice lines… It also brought a new game mode: Capture the Rooster. CTR is actually Capture the Flag, but Overwatch style. Before the event, however, the Overwatch team pushed out a Developer Update video to temper expectations around the new mode — where he explains the difficulties they had with bringing CTF to Overwatch, and how they abandoned trying to balance the mode and focused on the fun aspect. Regardless, both Jaa and Dre were none too impressed.

Along with the event came long awaited character changes. Roadhog players will rejoice, while D.Va players will probably be left wondering where they fit in. Sombra players should feel a bit more useful, but we doubt we see her in the meta still. We also try a new community discussion segment this week and more.


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