WoW! Talk! #73: Nighthold and 7.1.5

The gang is one man down this week as Jeremy is having computer problems, but that won’t keep WoW! Talk! from talking all about the new content and features added over the last few weeks. Rei and Eric are working through Nighthold, having gotten up to Tichondrius. They discuss their raid composition as well as some of the difficulties on the fight, and whether it feels harder than the prior Emerald Nightmare and Trials of Valor raids. Nick hasn’t been raiding yet, but he has been checking out the Call of the Scarab Lord event which is the first micro-holiday in the new patch. He found it weird to see a vanilla zone now containing World Quests and to see a zone that is perpetually empty suddenly full of people again. Which faction is going to win? North America at least seems to be For the Horde!

Nick also got his Death Knight to 100 and got to check out the artifact knowledge catchup that was just introduced. Also, there was recently an issue with PVP players very upset that Blizzard was going to allow artifact traits above 35 points to count for PVP, but Blizzard rescinded that change. As for class changes, Eric seems to think Death Knights are okay, even if they were nerfed when a broken ability was fixed. Mists of Pandaria timewalking is also new in patch 7.1.5, but it won’t be available for several weeks. Paul Kubit addressed this in a recent Q&A, and Nick talks about that and some of the design team’s reasons behind timewalking working as it does. Patch 7.2 is on the PTR, and that brings new animations for hunters as well as lots of new models and mounts, and also concerns about Blizzard’s pacing. Nick suggests that the Tomb of Sargeras raid will not be coming until 7.2.5, so that 7.2 can arrive in about three months while Nighthold is still viable.

In other news, Everquest Designer Josh Augustine has joined the WoW Quest team, and Blizzard won their Honorbuddy lawsuit. All this and more is on WoW! Talk!


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