WoW! Talk! #78: Patches 7.2 and 7.8

Once again April Fool’s has come and gone, and with it a round of fake Blizzard patch notes. But first, Nick finally got his Falcosaur after complaining about it for several weeks. He now plans on trying to get another one. Patch 7.2 launched on Tuesday and everyone is excited to check out the Broken Shore and unlock their artifact traits. Alisaunder sent in an email asking about what kind of zone we would make, and Eric said he would make a dungeon with some old bosses. Nick took that one step further and said he would make a time travel dungeon where some of the old bosses from prior raids would be used, and some of the raid content could take place in pre-Cataclysm Azeroth.

Getting back to 7.2, there was an undocumented change to level 110 mobs scaling by a player’s item level, and Ion Hazzikostas had to post about the issue. It makes sense to change mob scaling since it keeps content current, but the undocumented nature just caught people by surprise. Nick thinks that this is a sign that scaling is coming to the old world, as it needs the change. Also, Blizzard released their April Fool’s Fake Patch Notes for Patch 7.8. Rei, Eric, and Nick read their favorites. Blizzard also did a fake Blizzcon interactive novel, and introduced a classic skin for the blizzard launcher. In other news, the Launcher is now the Blizzard launcher, patch 7.2.5 is on the PTR with updates to brewmaster monks and outlaw rogues, Bellular tried to create a new WoW story add-on, the Inky Black Potion is bringing dark nights (not dark knights, Eric!) to Azeroth again, and EU prices for services increased. All this and much more can be found in this week’s WoW! Talk!


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