WoW! Talk! #79: What We’ve Been Doing in 7.2

Jeremy’s back and he can fly. Jeremy talks about his work to unlock flying, and his thoughts on the reputation grind. They mention how much easier it makes world quests, especially for the Kirin Tor. Rei and Eric aren’t far off from flying, though. They’ve been doing some Legion invasions with Nick, though Jeremy doesn’t like them for their lack of reputation. Nick points out that the invasions have a follow up quest after the intials four world quest requirement you need to be sure to get.

Rei and Eric talk about their experiences pugging with some sub-par players. Nick discusses his efforts in getting the Riddler’s Mind Worm mount, and is excited that he’s got 150 mounts now. He also has earned the Apex Predator’s Claw, which is the legendary he’s been wanting all expansion. Rei, Eric, and Jeremy have all tried their hands at the Class Challenges that were available, but no one has been victorious yet. Rei needs to work on her interrupts, as the healing challenge mimics a dungeon group that is not following the mechanics leaving it all up to the healer.

Nick and Eric talk about the broken Death Knight Order Hall follower quest, and the gang discusses the issues surrounding Magatha Grimtotem being the Shaman follower. YepX emailed in to let everyone know that the Invasions will be getting more prevalent as the expansion goes on, and prompts the gang to riff on what they have sacrificed. The patch notes for patch 7.2.5 are on the PTR, and include some noteworthy features like Black Temple Timewalking and an Auction House Dance Party (not to be confused with the dance studio). Also, Nick is excited that the 2nd hidden artifact appearance now only requires 30 dungeon runs instead of 100. All this and more on this week’s WoW! Talk!


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