“Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom” – Demo Preview

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As I posted earlier, the game demo is now available via Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. Based on what I’d seen and read, I was highly anticipating this game so having a demo to play helped temporarily satisfy that desire. The beginning of the demo gives a quick rundown of how you, a young thief, venture into a castle and find a weapon and a beast, Majin, that is stripped of it’s powers. With the weapon in hand, both of you embark on a journey to reclaim the weapon’s powers and cleanse the kingdom of darkness. My initial impression of the game was really good as the opening soundtrack was very pleasing and made me feel like I was about to partake in a movie. Even the menu sounds and environment sounds made the game feel exciting. I also enjoyed the fact that the game uses the same graphics engine to do the cut scenes thus giving it a more seamless flow.

Now if you were expecting a simple hack-n-slash, you will be sorely disappointed. The game integrates stealth and combination attacks to get rid of enemies efficiently. You can’t expect to run into a group of enemies by yourself and expect to wipe them out without using teamwork with Majin. Since Majin’s attacks are very powerful and can cause enemies to become unconscious, you have a chance of performing a combination attack on an unconscious enemy that will be devastating. He also has a flame breath attack that gives you an opportunity to knock an enemy unconscious while they are on fire thus leading to possible combination attack. Stealthing behind enemies allows you take them out in one hit. By having Majin interact with a wall, you can drop it down on multiple enemies to take them out quickly.

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

When you destroy enemies and open up treasure chests, you get both Life(blue) and Friendship(red) shards that level up and upgrade Majin and yourself. Life shards make your hero stronger while Friendship shards upgrades Majin’s abilities and also increases the strength of your team’s combination attacks. If you haven’t guessed it already, Majin can be controlled to wait, follow, or interact with the environment to help you progress through the game.

The graphics of the game are definitely top-notch and artsy.  Also, the camera angles were not a pain to deal with in the short demo. I was initially put off by Majin’s voice over, but as the demo progressed I barely noticed it. As I mentioned earlier, the soundtrack, environment, and combat sounds help enhance the game tremendously. I can hardly wait to get the game in my hands and play it fully! I hope you download the demo and feel as excited about the game as I am!

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