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It looks like Bizarre Creations is throwing a little Halloween bash of their own by offering a double XP weekend that extends October 29 through 31.  If you play multiplayer between these days, you will gain double the fans so you will can unlock new cars quickly.  Along with that, Dan Amrich noted on his blog that there will be several sessions where you can play with the developers themselves:

It starts Friday, October 29 with two Xbox 360 sessions with the developers. Bizarre is located in Liverpool, so the first session is timed for UK gamers – 7pm to 10pm in England, which is 2pm to 5pm Eastern/11am to 2pm Pacific. (Full time conversion is here.) Look for the gamertags BlurDev1 through BlurDev11 – and of course I’ll be jumping in on both sessions as well under my usual 360 gamertag OneOfSwords. TheFacebook event is here.

Since a lot of US gamers will be occupied during the day with work, school, or prison, we’re playing again in the evening for American 360 owners. Jump in between 8pm and 11pm Eastern/5pm to 8pm Pacific (full time conversion here) for a full-on, Microsoft-sanctioned Game With Developersevent. Any night owls in the UK are certainly welcome to join in as well, but it is 1am and, by law, all Brits must check in with their local pubs by that time. Once again, look for the gamertags BlurDev1 through BlurDev11and OneOfSwords. The US and UK teams will share/split those Gamertags up for the two sessions. The Facebook event reminder is here.

Then on Saturday, October 30, since everybody should be out of work and have no class, we’re holding one big PlayStation 3 session, same time as the day before — 7pm to 10pm in England, which is 2pm to 5pm Easternand 11am to 2pm Pacific. (Full time conversion is here.) I’m not sure what the PSN IDs will be other than my own, OneOfSwords, so I’ll update when I know. Meanwhile, there’s a Facebook event for this session here.

I’ll be playing as well so if you have a pair that clank, look for “JaaBlaze” on XBL.  Remember, second place is just the first loser.

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