Crossfire 2 Was Coming… Then Delayed

Crossfire Screenshot 4

(Screenshot from the original Crossfire)

Yesterday Luke from Radiangames announced that Crossfire 2 was in peer review and he was expecting it to be available Wednesday evening.  In the first play test build there was a problem with a random crash, but the last two builds didn’t have that problem so he was hopeful.  However, he also said he “wasn’t counting his chickens before they hatch“.  Good call.  Later on last night I read this tweet with dismay:

Crossfire 2’s random crash bug has been found, thanks to @GeraldTerveen. So it’s delayed until next week. Sorry everyone!

Yeah…  sucks doesn’t it?  I really enjoyed the first Crossfire so I was looking forward to this one.  On the same note, I would rather wait a week and get the game bug free than deal with crashing later in the game.  Oh well, maybe I should play some of those unwrapped games sitting on my subwoofer…  like Halo: Reach.

Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding

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