Dead Space 2 Demo Available Tuesday; Wednesday for PSN Europe

Nothing says "happy holidays" like mutated zombie babies!


Have the holidays got you down?  Maybe it’s because of all that stress at work or last minute holiday shopping?  Perhaps it’s because there’s a severe lack of mutated zombie babies trying to kill you in derelict space colonies?  If the latter is the case, then EA has an early Christmas present for you!

If you need a little more survival horror in your life this holiday season, you can get your dose this week in the form of the Dead Space 2 demo.  The single-player demo for Dead Space 2 will be available for download as of Tuesday, December 21, from the Xbox Live and Playstation networks.  The European Playstation Network will have the demo ready for download on Wednesday.

The demo is single-player only and will contain no multi-player modes.

Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits

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