Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Will Be Possessing Your DS in Early 2011

A brand new title from the creator of the Phoenix Wright series, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, is an unusual and intriguing puzzle game.


Good portable puzzle games have seem to become more common recently and they all tend to find their homes on the Nintendo DS.  From the Professor Layton to Phoenix Wright, lighthearted adventure and puzzle titles have become increasingly popular with each passing year on Nintendo’s portable system.  And if Capcom’s past track record is any indication, their first Nintendo DS release of 2011 looks to be another excellent entry into the adventure genre.  Developed by the creator of the Phoenix Wright series, Shu Takami, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective sounds like another clever, albeit bizarre, title out of Capcom.

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective will be coming to Nintendo DS™ and DSi™ in Winter 2010. Brought to you by Shu Takumi, the original creator of Capcom’s Ace Attorneyseries, Ghost Trick™ Phantom Detective tells an intriguing story combining logic puzzles and elements of humour that those familiar with the Ace Attorney games will know and love. Gamers will be entertained for hours with over a dozen chapters full of mystery and surprise as the spirit world collides with real life.

In Ghost Trick™ Phantom Detective, players are transported into the spirit world of Sissel, a murder victim who has lost his memory and returned as a ghost to solve the mystery of his suspicious demise. As Sissel’s ghost it’s up to players to possess and manipulate items found in the real world to solve the captivating puzzles he encounters.

Using the stylus players will need to carefully choose the path for Sissel to travel, possessing objects in order to trigger the correct item that when manipulated will alter the fate of others and begin to unravel the strange truth about who Sissel is and why he was murdered. How will you scare off the unwary assassin? There are many routes to choose from but not all of them will be obvious. It’s up to you to solve the crime but be warned, Sissel only has until dawn before he has to leave the supernatural world for good. Will you discover the truth before his time runs out?

By possessing and travelling through phone lines Sissel can move onto the next chapter of his mystery and witness incidents that will help him to find out more about his murder.

Sissel has another unique ability which will help him on his search for the truth. He can possess corpses and rewind time to four minutes before the victim’s death. Not only this but Sissel can talk to the deceased. Surely they’ll have something important to reveal? With the help of these two amazing abilities Sissel is bound to get closer to finding out what really happened in the hours before his death, as well as being able to save the lives of others.

The only concern to be had over Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is whether or not the outlandish puzzles will have practical solutions.  Some of the later Phoenix Wright games required large leaps in logic in order to crack some of the tougher cases.  If anything, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective looks to be an interesting game to kick off the new year.

Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits
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